Wearing Women's Clothing Is So Comforting But Controversial

The expression "If it feels good do it" is so appropriate here. As with most cross dressers I believe this desire starts with a feeling of loss of affection or attention by a significant woman or lack of one in our lives. For some, it is their mother others a spouse. To substitute for that person we bond with their personal clothing or obvious feminine alternative apparel. It may have started with feeling the fabric of their clothes but usually it evolves to us selecting, buying, and wearing our own women's style clothing.

I feel very comforted and confident in women's clothing to the point that I hate wearing men's clothing and find it pretty much drab, dull, dumpy, and uncomfortable. I believe our skin becomes hypersensitive to the wonderful feeling of having nylon, silk, satin, taffeta, organza, and other fabrics not commonly seen in menswear. I like the feeling of these fabrics dry against my skin but I love the feeling and more intense colour sensation when I go into the water fully clothed. There is so much more choice and exciting variety in styles of women"s wear. Some of us are OK with just wearing undergarments, others wear outer clothing but only in private, some go out in the street with unisex looking outfits, some dare to be so bold as to appear in body as a man with obvious women's outfits, and others go even further with shaping ad ons, wigs, and make up.

I believe this passion of mine is relatively harmless (not to mention expensive) but I must face the consequences of this choice. If we keep it a private secret (usually with a sense of guilt or shame) then maybe we can get away with being accepted by our partners, friends, and general public. I have gone public with my cross dressing and swim fully clothed in crowded public pools. Some consider me a freak but other more open minded people accept me and talk with me. My habit isolates me from my family and many people. My closest friend, like me, is a male heterosexual cross dresser too. I hate to think what is on the minds of most men when they see me. I feel much more comfortable with women but they too tend to reject me as a possible friend or mate probably because they feel embarrassed in front of me with my clothing or think my clothing is more important than their bodies against my skin.

With wearing women's clothing, I have made it a poor substitute for a girl friend. There are also many single people who own dogs and cats and use them as substitutes for partners because it "comforts" them. It is unfair that our stereotype society accepts that but not our cross dressing. CDing I believe has also transformed me as well. I have noticed an increase in personal sensitivity, my breasts have grown, I don't feel as temperamental but I also am not sexually aroused as much and my testosterone levels are low. Does embracing one's feminine side and cross dressing make the brain have that effect on me?

I am still proud and confident in who I am, what I believe in, how I wish to dress, and how I treat other people. It is sad that there are intolerant people who treat others with disrespect, but I cherish the people who are kind to me and respect me for who I am not what they want me to be. I hope our society will transform too and become more open minded and accepting and loving of all people. The woman that I eventually hope to be with will embrace these beliefs too.
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Interesting to me just how many men crossdress, and then...there is a subset of us that enjoy wetlook as well. We love seeing women get wet dressed in their clothing, and we love getting wet ourselves dressed the same way. Yes, it is a bit weird, but a lot of fun!

I have been for sometime wondering why I desire to cross dress and had thought that part of it was for a comfort that I didn't feel as often as I would like. I have realized that my desire to wear bras is because it feels like a constant hug. If I'm feeling down on any given day all I have to remember is I have a bra on and I pick right back up.

Yes this clothing hugs us in a comforting and sensual way but is this a substitute for being hugged by a human? Do you have partners that you live with? I do not, so because women's clothing comforts me as I am alone without a girl friend, I realize that this behavior makes it very difficult to attract a woman.(I end up being the girl friend as well. Sounds kind of schizophrenic doesn't it?) At the same time I am not about to go back into the closet with my habit. It has taken courage for me to go public with crossdressing and I do not desire to make my body appear feminine. I believe our greatest fear about this is fear itself. I must be honest with myself and to others as to how I wish to present myself. To me the advantages of wearing women's clothing far out weighs the disadvantages. Maybe I am destined to live the rest of my life as a single person and this will be as good as it gets. I am still grateful for this. If there is such a woman out there that I can fall in love with who will accept me for who I am and love me as well, that will be the time that I will feel truly blessed and fulfilled.

You raise some interesting points and I agree with your comment about feeling much more comfortable crossdressed. Also feeling more relaxed and confident. I had not given much thought to substituting pets in the lives of single people but it does make sense.

I am a man too, but every once in a while the woman in me has got to dress up and go outside for a stroll in the fresh air. Like with most women, what this lady wants, she gets.

I totally agree , I really feel special and more confident , but unfortunately i do it in home only and I have a wild passion to walk in streets with my favorite dress on , that would be a giant step forward .<br />
Their is a wild woman locked inside me and shout for freedom , but am still a man .

Well said, Joanne. A nicer person as a result. I really believe that there are many men that need to and are destined to embrace the feminine side not only in perception of dress and appearance but in behavior and sensitivity. I believe all of us men have some degree of feminine within us. We have some female hormones in us but many men shut out that influence. Damn the critics, I like being who I am and dressing the way I do and have never felt happier or more confident than right now. Cheers! Chris

Very well put, thank you for sharing. I wish that bias would dis-appear in our life but I doubt it will.

Thank you for your response. It is comforting knowing that you and others who, like me, share these same feelings and beliefs are standing up and being counted as part of a growing number of people who are more open minded and accepting of others. Ultimately it is our kindness to one another that will give us strength to live more meaningful lives. I look at our passions in crossdressing and wetlook as a blessing that enriches our lives in that it is something we must do to discover who we truly are.
Cheers! Chris