Into The Shower Fully Dressed

Today I got ready to shower, I put on my black nylon bra, it felt fantastic! Next I put on my black thong panties and pulled them all the way up, oh, what joy! It is such a pleasant feeling to get dressed knowing I am going to be soaking wet in just a few minutes. Then I pulled on my very tight, very short, black cotton gym shorts. Next came my extremely tight, very thin, red nylon pull-over blouse. I squeezed myself into the blouse over my full plump,bra covered breasts. I turned on the water and adjusted the shower. I stepped into the stream of warm water and slowly turned around and around,until I was totally soaked and in absolute ecstasy. The water was just pouring down my soaking wet body and all of my lovely clothes were soaking wet. Now it was time to shower, I grabbed my bottle of shower gel with one hand and pulled my shorts and panties away from front with the other hand. I put the shower gel down my panties and gave it a hugh squirt. Then I proceeded to fill each of my bra cups with gel. I then rubbed all of the soap in and drove myself absolutely wild. I was so turned on, that I went face down into the water, and rubbed myself to climax. I usually try to do this ritual at least once a week,in various outfits
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2 Responses Sep 25, 2012

Very hot story, thank you for sharing.

That's great! I love to crossdress and get wet too.