My name is Teri, I am 60, TG and living as a woman full time now and have never been happier. I have even found a man who is in touch with his feminine side and he has asked me to live with him as his wife, of course I have accepted and we love each other very much
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Oh gosh its wonderful to read your story. I started to dress [with mums permission, and help] when I was eleven, now I feel more a woman with every passing day. Thanks for such an inspiring story xxx

I hope to find the same !!! Hugs to you :)

lucky lady of the house now you live in heaven like his young lady,wife.lover ..a lot of girls wish to live like you ..me to ..wish you all the best alot of love ,support each other and happy happy days and years together ,,kisses for you and your husband

Thank you so much, I have never been happier

i wish one day live like you kisses for both

Awww that is soooo wonderful. Very happy for you!!!!

Thank you very much, He makes me very happy

that is what I am saying .. congrats you lucky girl!!! :)

I know I am so very lucky and thank my lucky stars every day, Joey is so wonderful

How lovely, well done Teri xxx

Thank you Debbie, I have never been happier