The Prom Dress Or Was It A Bridesmaid Dress

Several years ago I visited a consignment store about an hour from home. They had several prom dresses hanging on the rack. Or perhaps, some were bridesmaid dresses. One dress was a purple one. I had to try it on and there was no problem It may have been hadmade as there were no tags on the seams or neckline. The store tag said size 24 so I said it may fit. I had to try it on. I was wearing a bra and panties and girdle and stockings.

I asked if I could try it on and the clerk said sure. Well, into the changing room to try it on. Wow, it fit so I decided I had to have it. I may need a strapless bra for the low back but there's another chance to shop. You never know what will turn up when you go shopping.
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There have been numbers of situations where I've been into a "bridal/prom" boutique and have had great responses from the proprietors. The last time was the best (see my photos). We just have to be confident in who we are, as the world awaits.

You are so right. They are a business wanting t.o sell dresses and accessories. Most will work with you to find a dress or an outfit that meets your expectation. And as you say we need to be confident and clear on our request.

I have worn a bridesmaid dress but not a bridal gown.

I want too.

Did you go out in the bridesmaid dress or wear it inside?


I have worn skirt down beach when only a few saw me from distance

I just bought a new skirt yesterday.