I Wore Lace Panties Today

Ever since started wearing women's clothes for fun and excitement, I normally wear lace panties at night, and a black pair that looks like boxer briefs in the day time but today I chose to wear lace panties all day...I feel excited and ready to embrace the day.
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12 Responses Aug 11, 2010

I wear silky panties and camisole very day and have done it for years, I love the feeling next to my skin.

WOW.....................I am going out tomorrow to get lace panties, i always wear SILK FRENCH KNICKERS, but I will give the lace a try.

Do you like to ******** also?

I am over the top crazy about wearing Pink Nylon Panties. Nylon is the best. From the first time swapping underpants with a girl in kindergarten to this very moment nothing does it like nylon. So silky so smooth so femenine. I love nylon panties!

I wore red lace panties to go for my regular back massage this week. And it was lovely to stand there in front of my masseuse wearing nothing else, then slipping my pretty camisole back on ...

I wear satin lacy panties evey day now. I also add a satin chemise slip under regular clothes. i find a chemise slip is far more comfortable than a cami top. I love the feel of the lace around my legs. During the colder weather I go to long pants and then add sheer stockings and garters and satin lacy petti pants. <br />
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It feels so good to be able to walik around during the day knowing you are dressed in such feme lingerie, wondering if anyone around you knows or suspects.<br />
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Good Girl you will stay in panties now giggle<br />
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I love the feel of lace panties. I wear french cut in many colors. You go girl.

I wear them every single day, no matter what the occasion. I too always have to keep in mind to not let my shirt get out of place thus revealing my Vick'y's Secret waistband. At times I like to expose it where I know I can get away with it!!!

lace panties do feel so good to wear i like all kinds to

I'm glad that you are wear what you like. I like all kinds and you can see them in pi pics. I have a pair of beige panties on as I Type this. They are so soft and smooth against my shaven body. You enjoy!

Good girl, sweetie -- I'm so happy you're going to take the plunge. I expect an update tonight that tells Me how you all about how wearing those absolutely HOT lacy panties all day affected you. <br />
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Now don't you dare disappoint Me by leaving Me to wonder...teasing Mistress is a very idea!