Dressing Up

I have always loved to dress up, ever since I was young. I went from being a little kid playing dress up with her friends to being too old and not being able too. Then my aunt had kids and I could dress up with them because we were all playing pregnant. I was about 12 or 13 at this point I suppose. When I got into HS I didn't have ugh time to even think about it and it kind of left me for a bit. Then I went away to college and met my current boyfriend. We have now been together for over 3 years.we have a very open and honest relationship and have many secrets between the 2of us. One of which is my love of being pregnant. Although he doesn't love the look like I do he has his own fetishes and understands what it means to me. So sometimes we have me dress up. I used to use a balloon filled with water but have recently moved. None of my current sinks will fill a balloon up and it is making me very sad. I would love to know of any other way I can dress the part and feel the part without having to use a balloon and water( just to let you know it's because the bathroom is a square-ish nozzle and the kitchen has one of those new spray things that are both too big for the balloon neck to fit around.) anyway we used to go out shopping together and we would go to the fitting room and drive in the car. I am a very shy person and have low self esteem. Because of this its hard for me to go out in public, I'm 21 but lookalike I'm 15. People look at me pregnant and sneer at me. I hate the feeling of people judging. Not so long ago it used to be natural for 13 year olds to have kids. I understand we have grown as a species since then but sometimes I wonder why it became so wrong to have kids at such an age. If I was in the right place financially at the moment I would love to make this dream a reality.
sg4e sg4e
Nov 30, 2012