A True **** And Loving It

My husband and I have been into the swinging lifestye for a few years now. I love to wear extremely short dresses, sheer low cut tops, and of course very high heels when we go out. We went out this past weekend to one of our favorite clubs and I dressed like the true **** that I am. We stayed at the motel next door and I knew it was going to be a hot night when my husband eat my freshly shaven ***** before we left the room so as we walked into the club my ***** was wet and it felt as though the juice was running down my legs. The seating was fairly crowed but we found a couple of seats at the bar. My dress was so short that the bottom of my *** cheeks were clearly visible when I was standing so when I sat down I new that my wet juicy ***** was visible to everybody. I could see that my husband was loving this by the bulge in his pants. At a table across from us there were a couple of black guys who had focused their eyes on me which really got me even more excited. The top of my dress was a very low cut crowl neck and my nipples were on the edge of showing. It wasn't long before one of the black guys came over and bought me a drink. His eyes were all over me so I gave him a little bit of a show by slightly opening my legs. After a few minutes of this he was rubbing my legs. I slowly put my hand on his and I think he thought I was going to stop his hand from going any higher but to his surprise I moved it to my *****. I could tell He had a large **** and it wasn't long before I had to feel it. While this was going on his buddy came over also and I thought I was going to cumm right there. It wasn't long after that, that we left with my husband walking behind myself and these two black studs. I couldn't help myself thinking that everybody in the club new I was such a **** and I was going to get ****** really good. As we walked back to the room these guys had their hands all over my ***, rubbing my ***** and playing with my now exposed nipples. While my husband opened the door I was soo hot I pulled my dress off and was totally exposed except for my high heels. As we entered the room I layed on the bed and started fingering my soaking *****. It wasn't long before I had a big black **** in my mouth and another in my *****. These two black studs ****** me in every hole including my *******. I had so many ******* I was shaking before it was over. After they came the last time I sucked them both clean. We exchanged phone numbers and said goodbuys. I had cumm all over me and all in me. As I was still laying on the bed massaging their cumm all over myself my husband kissed me very passionatly stuck his **** in my mouth and exploded with his own load all over my already cumm soaked face. We kissed again and my husband did what he does best, eating my cumm filled *****.
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3 Responses Jul 12, 2010

I love the story, but can a women be a **** and enjoy men that are black, white, brown. If she is a ****, it is the **** and being enjoyed by confident men. Also, do you guys enjoy men together with everyone nvolved ******* u /using u at the same time? Do you guys enjoy women together which allows you to enjoy watching your hubby inside another women and then you cleaning up her ***** and for him to use her or you again? Now that can make your story even hotter and tastee.

You go girl!

Black guys are just wonderful, I think. Would luv to be with one or maybe many.