Soccer Mom At The Soccer Games...

yes, i am a soccer mom. i have boys who play soccer and i love to go to the games and watch them and i like to dress real slutty when i go. this week end i wore skin tight short shorts that showed my camel-toe. i just loved the way all the guys stared at me. i know what they were thinking. they wanted to **** me. the shorts were so tight it was like they were painted on. i may as well have had nothing on. i did not wear a bra either and just had on a v neck low-cut light, clinging top that cut off a little way down leaving my midriff bare. i thought i looked especially slutty and sexy this week end. i wish everybody here at ep could have seen me.
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this makes my **** so hard

LOL, I am so believing you! I think I'd better friend you, just in case there are photos of this lovely vamp of a soccer Mom.

so that's it? Nothing like a "shorts-tory" eh?

If you had taken a picture we would know what you had looked like! Sounds very sexy though How may dad tryed to take you home??

nice I will love to be there how we can see pictures because I think you are hot hot

thank you nip

Dam! My life story a day late and $29.95 short!

Love the sexy soccer mom story, I have seen a few soccer moms that are very hot, and it sounds like you are too. I also hope you post some slutty outfit pics on EP. Love to see and tell you how great you do look. Add me if you like. thanks

I LOVE hot soccor moms.

I LOVE hot soccor moms.

I hope you post some photos of you on EP.<br />
I was a soccer dad and yes some of the soccer moms are totaly hot!<br />
Thanks For sharing<br />

thank you, raquel

Id be "stoked"to see more of you!great legs!good goals!u r quite sexy and I luv how u dress!

thank you edevil

You should make a album of your slutty outfits and post it on ep. Love your story by the way.

actually, we have quite a few hot moms at our games. there was one mom, a korean mom married to a white doctor, who i think had the hots for my hubby. she was always wearing skin tight shorts and pants and flirting with my hubby. lots of other moms who dress like me and my hubby always checks them out but he doesn't **** anybody but me. i see to that.

thank you

I hope to play against your team some day ;)

I bet you looked so sexy