Sissy Clothes

I love fancy party dresses petticoats satin pink panties ruffled panties ankle socks andmary jane shoes and when I'm dressed in this clothes if feel so sexy and wonderful
mindygirllacey mindygirllacey
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me too.

Dressing up like a girl is like every girl dresses today but is different than dressing like a sissy. A Sissy wears lacy and frilly clothes all the time even when out in public. Its okay that you added your story ,but it needs to be in a sissy topic

So many people seem to think that a sissy is a cross dresser, but they are not the same.

each and every day i wear panties and misses jeans to work...often wearing a bra and/or a camisole,and pantyhose when it's chilly out...but to wear a dress at a construction job is not a good idea....but as soon as i get home however,quote"let me slip into something more comfortable" mmmmmmmthe delectable feeling of a soft dress

I can not evan begin to put in to words, how much I agree with you in every way. There are no better feeling or looking clothes in the world.

I love the feeling of girls clothes on my body so fem

I dress like that every minute that I can!