Eliminating Panty Bulge

At some point in time, most crossdressers will be faced with this problem – an unsightly bulge in their panties that they just can’t hide. There are many types of outerwear that eliminate the problem without any effort, but what if you want to wear that sexy mini skirt or those really tight jeans? Well don’t worry, there is a tried and true method of tucking that will eliminate all your panty bulge concerns.
If you’ve ever tried tucking just your penis between your legs to hide the bulge, you’ve probably been quickly confronted with the issue of what to do with your testes. They’re much bigger than you realized, aren’t they? And there’s really no comfortable place to move them out of the way. Luckily, for most crossdressers there is an amazingly convenient solution – all you have to do is tuck your testicles back where they were before you were born.
When you were born your testes were hidden safely away inside your abdominal cavity, and at some point they descended into scrotum (which is literally just a pouch of skin that holds the testes – it’s not really attached to them). They descended because ***** cells develop best at a temperature lower than body temperature. But otherwise there is no reason the testes can’t be slipped back up inside the abdomen temporarily. If you do this regularly for long periods of time, the only documented side effect is temporary sterility until your body has a chance to produce a new batch of ***** at a more optimal temperature. Don’t count on this for birth control!
So you’re ready to try tucking for the first time? Ok, relax, lay down, and spread your legs. This will ensure the opening between your scrotum and abdominal cavity is as wide as possible. As you gain practice, you’ll likely be able to do this without any effort though. Now feel around a little to learn where the opening is. If you press your fingers gently at the base of your scrotum (“under” your penis and a little to the side) you will probably be able to feel the opening into your abdominal cavity. You may even be able to press a finger into it a good ways (obviously it’s covered by skin though, so it’s just an internal hole). You should also be able to pinch the skin of your scrotum above your testes and find what will feel like a little tube. This is your vas deferens, and you can follow that tube up to where it enters your abdomen through the same hole.
Ok, now that you know where your testicles will be going, press the fingers of one hand against one of your testes and align it with the hole into your abdomen on the same side. Keep your fingers flat so that you are distributing pressure evenly across your entire testis and press it gently through the hole. It will likely deform a little in the process, but pop right back into shape once it’s through. No big deal. Now close that leg towards your body (this will help close off your abdominal hole on that side of your body) and open your other leg to do the other side.
Once you have tucked your testes safely inside your abdomen, you will probably be able to feel the slight bulges of them above your pubis (the lower bone of your pelvis that crosses just above your penis). Now to keep everything in place, pull your penis tightly back between your legs. With a little luck this will work like a lid of sorts, closing off half of each hole into your abdomen – sufficient to keep your testicles inside.
Now to hold your penis in place. I really really don’t recommend using tape. It can hurt quite a bit coming off. Duct tape for example sticks to skin astonishingly well after an hour or so and will be quite painful. Instead, just try a tight article of clothing with some spandex in it. One of my personal favorites is a good pair of pantyhose (again, go for a pair with lots of lycra / spandex). Or find some nice tight panties with a wide crotch like boyshorts, or try a gaff – a wide crotched thong made for crossdressers.
In any event you should be quite comfortable now and have a nice smooth femme panty line. And when it comes time to let the boys back down, just untuck your penis and press gently against your testes where you can feel them bulging above your pubis. They should pop right back out and be good as new

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3 Responses May 9, 2012

Yes, a smooth Panty line is nice sometime, I Love to see a Bulge in Panties.

Yes I too like to see a bulge in a pair of panties sometimes.

Glad I could help

Did yu kno you could push your penis back into the body cavity as well? It leaves no trace of anything on the outside and can be held in place with the same thing you use to hold in your testes.

yes i do that whenever i dress, looks fantastic and i can even sleep all night like that no problems. just use a very tight high leg panty girdle to keep everything where it should be. works great and you will really look like a girl down there.

It works really good with a pair of tight spandex panties.