First Time In Mom's Panties And Caught

My first story was mom catching me wearing her panties under my holloween costume, this one is about me wearing mom's panties and nothing else.

My mother was out in the yard or something,but I thought she was somewhere else visiting a friend. Anyway I was really curious about moms panties again. I ******** naked no one else around. I went to moms dresser, pulled out her vanity fair panties, felt a pair of pretty pink ones and pulled them on. I got an instant hard on just from my young **** feeling moms panties sooo sheer and sexy rubbing my ****. I looked at myself in her full length mirro and saw my **** sticking out in her pink undies and wanted to feel it. I rubbed and jerked my young **** and was standing there doing myself when my mother walked into the hallway and saw me in her undies. It was bad enough getting caught but with a turgid hard on???? She yelled at me and I instantly pulled her panties off and they dropped to the floor in a pink puddle. she told me to pull up her panties and come to the livingroom. I was terrified. she said she was going to punish me by makeing me wear them the rest of the day in the house to show me I was embarrassed and looked like a girl. I was afraid my siblings or friends would come over and knock on the door, but luckly no one showed up. I bet my **** never got soft. My mother said I should be ashamed of myself and how embarrassed to get all excited over wearing her panties.
I asked mom to forgive me but I wouldn't do it again. She said very well but next time there wuld be consequences for such action.

I did do it again and guess what? Mom made me her lil gurl. Another story another time must go. hope you lke it and want more I did.
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1 Response May 16, 2012

You just couldn't resist the feeling of the nylon on your **** - Did Mom enjoy her new little girl?

Yes she did. Will write a few episodes one day about mom and me in bed and at dept store dressing room.

Mom and I had a wonderful relationship. She loved me as her I'll girl.