Well, I Don't Dress Down

I am not into nudism. I'm not a judge of that lifestyle. I just don't practice it. (Horrible really... I was accused of being gay on another social site just because I defended gay people and I said I don't support LGBT but I support humanity and that I love people even if I don't like their choices but that it doesn't mean I support or judge them and I was accused by more than one of being a hypocrite and practicing dishonesty, but thankfully someone came to my defense.) I don't dress raunchy (dress revealing) but I don't judge others who do. To me, I prefer modesty, but what is on a person's body canvas is up to that person. No one else should try to control them or manipulate them or worse, make them feel like they HAVE TO dress a certain way to attain treasures and successes in life, love, religion, career, etc.

I am a huge fan of reading true stories that are filled with positive inspiration. One such story I had the privilege of reading is about a man who was a cowboy. He went to church one day in his usual attire since he didn't own other types of clothes. The church he went to was a very radical Baptist church. People murmured and whispered about him when they saw him. After the service, the pastor approached him and told him he was not welcome there in that attire and that God said so. Well, God was okay with Adam and Eve being naked in the Bible and didn't speak up til they clothed themselves of their own will to cover their nudity. The cowboy looked at the pastor and said "When God is in this place, I'll return." Man is who puts stipulations on fashions and makes people feel less than stellar if they don't conform to what they see fit.

I wear what I want and I don't follow trends. I have started trends plenty of times but I never set out to be a trendsetter. I just refuse to be a trend follower. I have to be comfortable with what goes on and in me. Others can't wear my skin. Only I can.

The latest outfit I picked out for myself and it was bought for me as a Christmas present is one that might raise a few eyebrows. My own family raised their eyebrows when they saw I liked it. Proof that just because you bore someone, used to live with someone, etc., it doesn't mean you really know them. The top is solid black with a semi-high neckline and large white or clear crystals spaced around the neckline. The top is sleeveless, goes to my waistline and is not loose but not fitted. The skirt is a solid black mini skirt on the inside and a black, calf-length mesh, loose skirt on the outside. I have not worn it yet. But when I do, I have my pick of shoes since I have a small bunch that can match this outfit - my silver, strappy, iridescent, flat sandals; my velvet thigh high black boots with wedge heels; my calf length, black leather, zip up boots with wedge heels; my knee high, black leather boots that are lace up in the front and zip up on the sides.

Every time I leave my house, I "dress up". I don't do it for others. I love being artsy in fashion. I don't do it for me as in giving myself an esteem kick because to me body parts and fashion statements don't give me confidence. It's an inside thing. People can hurt me but they win if they get in my head and I don't let them in my head. I still feel the pain of their ways but they don't run my belief in myself. That emotional task belongs to me.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Jan 11, 2013