Alcohol Is My Friend

I don't drink often.  Let me just get that out there first.  I'm not an alcoholic.  I don't drink and drive.  I just like to drink.

Fruity drinks are my favorite.  A mai tai, lava flow, fuzzy navel, pina colada, margarita or somthing in the way of a fruity martini could make you my new best friend, if you were to share.  I have to have that fruit-flavory goodness because to me, alcohol tastes like crap.  Don't give me beer, either.  I hate beer.

I get drunk insanely fast.  Like I can feel one wine cooler.  I guess you could say I'm a cheap date.  Drinking also makes me horny.  So I'm also the date that puts out.  Does it get better than that?

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6 Responses Nov 30, 2006

If you love the effect of alcohol,but not the taste,a little shot of sherry with fizzy lemonade,yes lemonade,is the way to go.Sherry has a rep as a grandma drink,but it's 1) got a real punch-it is liqueur after all 2) amazingly cheap.The lemonade cools its down a bit & makes it more palatable.It provides a lovely warm fuzzy all over.Don't have too much though-because it slides down pretty well folks think it's a weak cordial type drink.It's not.Very nice drop.

Thats making me want to try scotch again! :-P

I am nae ain tae take advantage o a Lass but hae ye ever had a Glass o Glenfiddich 30 year old Scotch? It is tae my way o thinking the nectar of the Gods and Goddesses. Has a great flavour. Ain secret fae ye about Scotch. When ye take the first sip, hold it on yer tongue, if ye feel the heat on yer tongue it is about a 7 year old Scotch, if it hits the back o the throat it is a 12 year old, (thats the best at reasonable price) if it dinnae hit until it is in the chest ye are drinking a 25+ year auld Scotch and those rarely are found in the States fe less than $275.00 a bottle! I am nae ain tae get drunk so I ken wha I am dealing wi fra the first glass. Being a Scotsman wi a temper getting Drunk is the last thing I can afford tae do. Rather be a lover than a fighter For a fruity taste try it in Orange Juice, though tae me tha is a waste o guid Scotch!

CORRECTION: Melon Ball is put out by Boones Farm!! Hills Bro.s is coffee, aint it??!!

Dang! emerald beat me to the drink recommendation! But! I do have the recipe!!! one part Melon liqueur (Midori is the best and most expensive, Leroux is the cheapest, but okay) one part vodka, and four parts pineapple juice (canned is fine). We ususally make a pitcher of it and serve it over ice in our Pina Colada glasses. emerald is right, "yuuummmmy".

Have you ever tried Melon Ball? First got this at a Mexican restarant. Now Hills Bro.s puts it out!! YUUUUMMMMY!