My Perfect Day

I got out of bed, showered, kissed my girlfriend goodbye and stepped outside the house. It was 4 in the morning, the sun wouldnt be up for another hour, but it was light and quiet. I took off my clothes, folded them and put them in my bag, and walked the 200 yards or so to my car, past houses with occupants asleep, unaware a naked man was walking past (probably!). In my car, still naked I drove to a beautiful beach with a nudist area on the South coast, about two hours drive. I knew at that time of the morning there would be few people around, so parked in the parking area, got out the car, still naked and walked along the beach.  There's quite a lot of dunes so even in the non nudist areas its usually pretty easy to walk the length of the beach naked. Today there were few people about, and although still cool, was a fantastic naked walk, from one end of the beach to the other (about 2 miles).

By this time it was starting to get busier so I walked back to the nudist area, sat,swan, sunbathed and walked around some more, till it was time to leave, then carried out the walk to the car in reverse, alittle more wary of people now.  Finally the thrill of walking naked across the car park, getting in my car, putting the hood down and driving off, gave me an indecent erection, which I occasionally covered with a towel (especially when lorry drivers went past), but uncovered it when approaching pedestrians and other traffic.

By the time I got home I was so horny. I didnt care if anyone saw me (although it was late) and walked into my house surprising my girlfriend with my astonishing erection, and proceeded to have rampant sex the like we havent had for many a year. She didnt ask why I was so aroused, she just accepted it gladly.

My perfect day.
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3 Responses Jul 10, 2010

YES!! PERFECT DAY!! PERFECT STORY!! Thanks for sharing this experience. It made me very excited and interesting.
Naked Sissy Stephie

So cool I love driving naked and walking naked and spend time on a nudist beach on the south east coast uk

Thanks for the comment Vidaloca<br />
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That is hot! I also find it hard to put my clothes back on after a day naked in the sun - I have walked back to my car naked several times! <br />
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Your story did remind me when I was on a beach in Crete. There was a nudist community lilving their at the time and you could walk down a stream between the cliffs and it would be full of men and women all naked sitting on the rocks or swimming in the rock pools. The only way out of the beach was to climb some steep steps up the side of a cliff, and walk across some scrubland for a mile or so towards the bus stop. <br />
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As I made my way back, I ended up behind a young woman who also refused to dress until the last possible moment. I enjoyed an interesting walk looking up at her as she climbed the steps, and walked across the scrubland where she eventually (and reluctantly) put on a long T Shirt which just about covered her up! I wish I had the courage at the time to join her, but I fear my erection would have been a little offputting!