First Walk Naked This Year

I took the time to take the first naked walk this year. It was warm enough this day so I took a chance. This time it was a Saturday. I seldom do this because the trails are used this time of week so I took a real chance this time. The trail I used however was very muddy but the grass was mowed, which helps with the ticks. Anyway, I parked my car at the open sign and stepped onto the trail with only my sneakers and gym type shorts. I only carried my car key. I walked in about 50 yards ******** and hung my shorts behind a tree to pick up later. The idea is to hide long enough until people pass or move on so I can resume my walk. I have no intention of ever being seen although it did happen once. I walk to the opposite side of a park area and the trail is well covered with some open sites to the park area. If I want I can flash or show myself to the people across the lake. Lots of fun there. When I approached this area this time I heard someone talking so assumed they were across the lake as usual. I was planning to show myself to them but to my surprise they were on the trail I was on and found myself butt naked 20 yards from 3 young girls before I knew they were there. put my hands over my privates cause the law is not to show your privates. Well they then stated they did not care and they knew I wanted them to see me so just drop my hands, so I did. there I was butt naked with a huge hard on in front of 3 fairly nice looking girls. They were no models but not bad either. So I said I showed you mind not show me yours. They just laughed. As they passed by me on girl flashed me her **** and another reached out and pumped my ****. But they just walked on. I turned and kept up with them for a ways and asked if I could ********** and *** to them watching me so they agreed to that. One girl was only a few feet away from me. Her mistake cause I got some on her. the other two laughed at her. However, she surprised everyone by wiping some with her finger and putting in in her mouth. She smiled and moved on. I found my clothes and went home. I hope I have an equal experience some day. Most of the time if I am seen they just walk away as fast as they can and never touch me. I have never had anyone even give me a hand job. That is just a fantasy. I do not think I would ever **** a strange girl in the woods but its hard to say with the right girl. I have *********** to this experience many times, and the girls faces are embedded in my brain.
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I don't know what this story has to do with driving naked, but the story is pretty good, just misplaced. Here are a few Experience Groups that this story might belong in.<br />
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