Nude Chauffeur

One day I was home and a friend of mine call and asked for a ride to her college. Her car was not starting and she did not want to be late. I told her I be right over.

My garage is connected to the house and I knew she wait for me outside so I did not bother to dressed.

When I got to her place she came over to the car and was a bit shocked. Then she said, "I should not be surprised, you can't resist the chance to stay naked can you?" We laughed and I drove her to school.

When we got there I asked if she need a ride home and she told me she call me if she did.

I did get the call and went to get her. When I got there she asked if we could give her friend a ride home too. Since it was on the way I said yes, but was her friend aware of my attire?" My friend said she told her and the lady joked about having a nude chauffeur. When the lady got to the car she was stunned and froze on the spot.

My friend what is wrong? to which the lady screamed, He is naked!!! I thought you were joking!!! My friend said I told you I wasn't, now get in I want to get my homework finished. They got in and I drove them home.

The lady did ask if I always drove naked? Which I said sure. She was like OMG!!!

I got them home and later my friend call to tell me about the lady. Apparently, she got off on the idea of a nude chauffeur, but my friend told her. He works and can't drive us around all the time, but I told my friend. If I ever have time to do it again I would.


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We have a chauffeur company, I will let you know if we get any special requests.

Bfchicco,<br />
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Good story. When you drove the naked, of course you also have driven the car in bare feet?

<b>if you ever extend your &ldquo;taxi service&rdquo; to <i>guys</i>, let me know.</b><br />
i would love to ride naked with you.

Sorry guys are not my thing, but I am sure someone will be happy to give you a ride.

lol<br />
I guess I should have ask for some service payment. lol<br />
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Bare Hugs<br />

Nudy, Nudy, Nudy . . . haven't you heard the saying, "Nobody rides for free"?