Love to Easy

I found out a long time ago that I love too easy, this usually translates into getting hurt.  Before I really really get to know someone I fall in Love with them.  Spill my guts, treat them like royalty and the get hurt in return.  I am hurting right now, 3 weeks ago my ex gf broke up with me, she did it the same day several other things negatively effected my life.  I still am not sure why, I believe she just wanted out.  I have not heard from her, until yesterday when she text messaged me to tell me she passed her state board exam for nursing.  Why would she do this?  Then this morning I received another text asking if she could pick up the Bike I bought her.  To me this is like living the hurt all over again.  How do I make it stop, I need to sleep......I wish I could just sleep and feel nothing.     I feel rejected and used.  How can someone just shut their feelings off in an instant.  I dont understand unless those feelings were all just a game.   How cruel.  I am so scared now, afraid of any relationship.  I cant stand the thought of her being with someone else.  This never crossed my mind, I thought we would always be together.  We even talked of buying a small farm or campground.  Why would you discuss these things like your planning to spend the rest of your lives together and then drop everything just like that.    I want the hurt to go away, the meds to go away.  I want peace, where oh where do I find it......
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2 Responses Aug 16, 2007

Did yu tell her how yu feel ?

Yes, it hurts like hell, I know.