Giving New Guys A Thrill

I have been seeing some new bi-curious guys lately that are not sure how far they want to take their man on man experiences. They know they want to get sucked off, surprise, surprise. And they think they would like to try doing some sucking themselves and will give it a shot usually. They are mostly terrible at it at first.

But anyway, what I really want them to do is to become anally interested because that is what I am really, really into. So I always find a good moment while giving them a blow job to touch their tight little rosebuds. Most guys like that pretty good, so while sucking on their balls I let my tongue drift a little south and lightly brush their pucker with my tongue. This usually gets a little moan of appreciation from them and I know they would like more. I push their legs up and spread their buns so I can get a good look at their man-*****. I just love this part. I swirl my tongue around the edge and wait for the moans of desire from them before twisting my tongue into their hole. By now they are totally sold on the idea and their ***** are bobbing up and down, swollen with pent up desire. I then begin to actually **** them with my tongue and reach for their **** and balls. A few squeezes of those hot nuts with my tongue stuffed up their rectum almost always produces a very nice *** shooting from their lovely *****. I move quickly to cover the cockhead and take in their load while still fingering their ********.

I have found that this usually converts new curious guys into guys that are ready for *** play anytime we are together. The only problem is that many decide they are bottoms and not tops. And that is not what I am looking for,lol. I may need to adjust my methods.

tombottom tombottom
46-50, M
2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

I would absolutely love to do that iamshemale.

Oh yes, it is so good. We need to get together and we can both be bottom and top as we change positions.