First Time I Blew Another Guy In Years

  We met ay a video store which was a first for me. He closed the door of the booth and I reached down and started rubbing his ****.

He was 25 years old so he was rock hard in seconds. I sat down in the chair in the booth and proceeded to lick all  his **** all over. I hadn't touched

another guy's **** in 20 years but had fantasized about it every day of those 20 years. But was the reality going to be as good as the fantasy? I had

always fantasized about eating *** and liking it but had always hated the taste. But I loved the aftertaste! I had to get drunk to get up enough courage

to let a guy *** in my mouth and when I felt him start to spurt I would ram his **** to the back of my throat. That way I would only get the aftertaste.

Now I had quit alcohol and drugs for many years and was wondering if this was just a drunken fantasy or what? Did I really love to suck ****?

   In my fantasies I would let the guy *** on my tongue and roll it around in my mouth before swallowing and then slide my mouth back and forth a few

times with the remnants of his ejaculatiion in my mouth, lubricating those last few strokes before I let his **** slide from my lips.

  Let me know if anyone would like to hear the rest of the story. I am usually a straight guy but have an obsession of sucking other men's dicks.














stonewall96 stonewall96
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2 Responses Feb 20, 2010

Mmmm...i hope you got a big, delicious mouthfull of *** :D

What video store in myrtle beach?

The video store was the one in North Myrtle Beach,actually. However since then I have been to Airport Video and sucked a guy off.