Stuck In The Throat.

An occasional pleasure of mine, while laying in bed, is to swallow a small lump of ****. I like it to be nice and hard and about the size of a walnut. I might keep it in my mouth for some minutes, while I gently ****, before putting my head back and swallowing hard.  It's often hard to swallow and I often gag, but I just keep swallowing till, eventually, it gets past the asophagus and starts its journey down my throat. With each subsequent swallow I can feel it moving, reluctantly, down my gullet. It's such an intimate feeling that I have to stop wanking before I shoot; beofre plucking from my arse hole a second (perhaps a third) baby turd to follow the first.

I'm left with a sore throat, but that's a small price to pay for such a wonderful spunking that my **** eating provokes.

ImustGo ImustGo
56-60, M
10 Responses Feb 25, 2010

I tried a mouthful when I was very drunk, but didn't swallow it.
I want to try again maybe by freezing some and swallowing small slices. I do that with my ***. Maybe I'll wash it down with some pee. I drink lots of that.

I do too I finger my *** in bed and I always eat a peace of poo of my fingers it turns me on do much

It' the smell I don't like. How do you hide it?

Glad there are other guys like me - I'm addicted to eating my own sh** and/or spu**. Love sh** with ice cream or yoghurt, but also nice as a spread on crusty bread with filling of your choice - like olive paté - I added chicken. Anyone want to come round to dinner sometime?

me too

Try it with spaghetti and red meat sauce !

very nice I did that this morning as well I LOVE that so much!! I have been doing it for many years now and my sinus will be funny and will have a runny nose from it but your right its well worth it!!


That;s hot-i love a **** **** by eating my own **** also.

That;s hot-i love a **** **** by eating my own **** also.

That;s hot-i love a **** **** by eating my own **** also.