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Today I took my tween daughter to lunch at Bliss. I have been a fan of the Whole Foods raw bar, and thought my fashion forward and trendsetter daughter would enjoy eating at the only living food restaurant in the metroplex. My daughter was the first to introduce her friends to bento boxes, sushi, Starbucks lattes, pocki, tapas, Jarritos, edamame, bubble tea and so much more. Yet when she arrived at this laid back hole-in-the-wall raw food cafe, she rolled her eyes and said, "You have to be kidding me!" I was astonished, remarking "I thought you would love this!"

Her plans for the day were all messed up, so she was already in a bad mood. She opened the menu, scanned the page at lightening speed, shut it, then announced,  "I want fish tacos!" while glaring at me with the eyes of Linda Blair, fully aware there were no "fish" tacos on the menu. I quickly looked over the selections, "Hey, lookie here", I said, "they do have taco's on the menu. Let's ask the server what he would recommend." He sat down some tasty dishes to the couple beside us. I coundn't help myself; I just had to comment. "Wow, that looks and smells fantastic!"

Well, my daughter's eyes became round as saucers almost bulging out of her head and I think I saw smoke blow out of her ears. "You're EMBARRASSING me!", she gritted under her breath. I smiled at her and made a goofy face, sticking out my tongue, which infuriated her. The bohemian patron beside us graciously began tasting then describing their dishes, "He got a Pad Thai, it's made with squash has a nice peanut sauce on the side. I got the fruit and avocado pizza and it's delicious. You should try it."

The waiter arrived and I explained the situation, that my daughter wasn't convinced that she would find anything she would like on the menu. He suggested a Goji lemonade elixer to start with, since we were outdoors and it was warm. "You know I don't like coconut", my daughter reminded me in a defeated "I'd rather die than drink THAT" tone. "Well we can try it and if you don't like it I will get you something else", I declared. I ordered the tacos, which had quacamole, lettuce, tomatoes and two creamy (nut-based) sauces, one reminiscent of sour cream, and a smoky chipotle type sauce. It also came with tomato salsa and a green chili salsa. I also ordered (zucchini) spaghetti and (nutty) meatballs, covered in a thick sundried tomato sauce, with a pesto sauce drizzed on a lovely lettuce salad. There was a creamy sauce also adorning the fresh medley of greens. I ordered a chocolate "cheesecake" with a nut/date "crust" for dessert, that another customer suggested. "You're being SOCIAL!" my daughter mouthed to me in an exagerated almost distorted way, while I was inquiring about it, as if I was committing the unpardonable sin. I continued chatting, while she kept shielding the side of her face with her open hand, so that the ones with whom I was "socializing" would not see her desperate attempts to get me to cut it out. "I like people, sue me!" I said sweetly,but emphatically, defending my actions and tossing my hands in the air.

Thankfully the drinks arrived. My daughter then took a sip and made a horrible face. "I think I am gonna be sick", she said sincerely, but dramatically. "You don't like it?", I asked. "It's making my throat burn", she said, which made me burst into laughter at her desperate manipulative attempts. "If it's not sweet enough, we can get some agave for it". "You know I don't like agave", she said, giving me the evil eye! I didn't dare mention to her that it was made with agave."If you don't like it, I will be happy to drink it", I said, reaching for it. She pulled it back and took another sip of this drink she detested so.

The waiter set down the faux spaghetti and meatball dish. My daughter's hand reached over to pinch some of the sauce, tasting it and nodding approval. "I'll eat this", she said, warming up to the idea. "You can have the tacos", she said, grinning sheepishly. "You like the sauce then?" I was pleased. "That's great. But, let's share, that way we can try both dishes, okay?" Our server set down the tacos, and I took a bite. It was so delightful, lemony, creamy, so fresh. "Now this is what food is SUPPOSED to taste like" I told her. I guess my moaning inspired her. She started eating and didn't stop until every last bite was gone of the rawko taco. I served myself some of the salad, and "spaghetti" and one of the "meatballs". It was heaven. "I like this one better", my daughter said, adding "I told you I should have just had this". "Yeah, I can tell how much you didn't like the taco", I said chuckling to her. She picked up a tiny carrot str1p. "Everything tastes like nuts." "That's a carrot", I said, "it tastes like a carrot." "Then why does it taste like a nut?!" she said sarcastically, smiling. "Maybe because you don't know what a carrot is supposed to taste like", I snickered back to her. We both burst out laughing.

Then came dessert, which we decided to share. It was rather pricey, but very tasty, and my daughter fought me for it. The bill came. It was $60, which while not a surprise, is pretty steep for a lunch. But you really can't put a price on healthy food, or on sharing a new experience with your daughter, can you? I would say it will be a memory that will last a lifetime.
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Yes, quite observant. Thanks to you (and all) for taking the time to read my story.

It sounded like you had a wonderful date with your daughter. As she's growing up, it's all about creating lots of parent-child memories. You don't know in advance which ones she'll cherish for the rest of her life, but I think you did something yesterday that is worth more than $60. <br />
<br />
You had a great teaching moment with her. She didn't want to try something new; she wanted something that was part of her known routine. You took her out of her comfort zone, and she clearly didn't like it at first. Then she warmed up to it. At the end, I think she will become a little more adventurous. I think she'll be more receptive to you as you suggest new things to do, new places to go. As a teenager, she'll never admit that this was a learning moment for her, but I think she's changed, for the better, because of your date.<br />
<br />
Good luck to you both.

write to me, and i will tell u the closest one to where u are

I haven't seen it yet!!! (or read it).

Snicker ..? You 'snicker'..? This is a great story, very real ... Gives new meaning to 'Eat, Pray, Love' doesn't it .. ?