Eating And Growing Larger And Larger

I have always liked to eat and eat.  I enjoy all kinds of food.  Over the last two years I have found the joys of eating at all you can eat places besides eating my own cooking.  Whether the buffet places are breakfast, Mexican, Chinese, pizza, sushi or BBQ, they are all good.  For years I dealt with issues keeping my weight at levels that would allow me to fit in better with work and society.  A few years ago, I decided I would rather be what I really wanted to be - very fat and eating whenever I wanted.  Gradually my weight went up from the low 200s to around 300.  Then during one year I put on about 60 poiunds and found I really liked being large.  I discovered that cruises are a great way to vacation and spend a whole week or two eating all I wanted.  On my first cruise I put on 10 pounds and almost made it to 390.  Knowing I could just enjoy the eating and gradually keep gaining weight, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, has provided me the impetus to use the last year or so to become very happy and very large - now over 500.  My wife loves me very fat and has been very helpful and supportive.  Now when we go out we can see how people watch my size and how much I eat.  I love it.  When I eat at home, I love cooding a large meal and spending several hours enjoying it all.  When we go out, i love eating until I am very full and waddling out afterwards.  Basically, I love to eat and love how large I am becoming.
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Too bad.

it is so erotic and empowering. I have suggested my own weight gain to encourage my sweetheart to really pack the fat on. she hasnt taken the offer yet

Hi willie :) you certainly know how to handle yourself very well. Your confidence is very important and you just show it wherever you go, whomever you meet. That is fantastic. So long as you keep up your exercise and everything else.. your labs etc etc.. all the health stuff is ok.. you should be just fine. I wish you a very lonnnnng and happy life ! xox phat !

Better to be happy and the way you want to be than to be forced into behavior that is not happy. My decision to become very fat and large does have interesting effects in the way our society works. I was at a mall the other day after we had just finished a great all you can eat BBQ lunch. I was sitting on the bench while my wife ran some errands. I was definitely showing how large I was as my belly pushed way out. A couple walked by twice and then stopped. They had not seen me since I was in the low 200s and they were amazed at how fat I had become. They said they almost did not recognize me. They were also both large but nowhere as much as I. It was a great chance to catch up and we had dinner one night - another BBQ place. I think they were surprised at how much I ate. We had a great time. At the end of the meal, I was so full they offered to help me get up and made sure we made to our car. They could really see how much I was waddling. <br />
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People at wrok are interesting. Some can tell I am very happy with the way I am and often come out to lunch. A few have asked about why I am so large and I simply say - I am happy and love being very fat. Others give me looks, smile or joke about my size. I usually say (something I learned from another very large man) - Yes, I am fat and very happy with the way I am. I have had my experience or two at work with chairs not fitting, getting stuck in a chair or even breaking two chairs. Now I always make sure there are no side arms on the chairs. As wide as I am, I defintely take up a lot of room.

Sounds like a lot of gut-busting fun!

Obesewillie - yes that is a great feeling to just feel free and eat whatever you want and as much as you want from different buffets and at home too. I love that your wife enjoys you being so fat too. Is your wife also fat? That is one of my dream vacations going on a cruise and also watching very fat people enjoy eating and see all of their lovely fatness. I would also enjoy eating on a cruise and getting fatter myself. I will have a vacation like that one day. I really enjoyed your story of how you kept gaining weight and then gave in to ignoring society and just enjoying getting bigger and bigger. I'm glad you are beautiful and happy.