Restaurant Pet Peeves

I also love to eat. I am obsessed with food. I go to way too many restaurants and spend way too much money eating out. I am never satisfied either. There has never been a perfect restaurant for me. What really gets on my nerves is when a restaurant offers rack of lamb for $30+ and you don't get the whole rack when you order it. I can get a rack of lamb at Costco for $13-$15. Another thing that gets on my nerves is reductions. I love meat protein or seafood with reduction. The problem is that you just get a drizzle and a drizzle is not enough!
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I still like this story!

I like the fact that she doesn't like getting shortchanged...she wants to be as full as possible and that's great!

Just saw your wonderful story. I'm glad you love food and hopefully have been enjoying many tasty treats since you wrote this story (as I have). Have you tried the all you can eat buffets? Keep exploring the wonders of delicious eating.

mhmm, food is so nice :) although I tend to buy sweets and cakes with all my money hehe :P