My Favourite Thing In Life, And The Best Thing: Food

food, ******* glorious. i love food and i love it more when i am eating that food. nothing more exciting when you can see the dinner being made and you know its gonna be yummy. i love that feeling. food is my favourite thing in life and i hate being hungry. sometimes i have to even buy some portable snacks just to keep myself satisfied. and the weird thing is that my metabolism is bullet fast, so i have to eat alot, otherwise i will beome thing as a stick and lose weight too fast. so i love food and there is nothing better than food. would i even sacrifice love for food? well considering that love hurts especially when you are hurt from it, well i have to say YES. i love it more than anything.

jonnyronny jonnyronny
18-21, M
2 Responses Mar 13, 2010

i'll tell them anyway because i am not attractive, so it doesn't matter in the first place, but yeah i realise that my tolerance to food is getting bigger and bigger. and unconditional love doesn't exist, its ****. but yeah i love food, best thing ever. i plan to broaden my horizons and learn to eat many things. i cant wait to travel and visit foreighn restaurants, like paris, they have some of the best restaurants there and i am so going back there in the future. and dont worry about the flabby bits, i eat food because its tasty, not because its 98% fat free or whatver, thats vain, i love all types of food.

dont say that to too many girls becos we will just want to kick u! i love food too- all kinds of food are good. but not good for my flabby bits unfortunely- or else good for my flabby bits depending on how you look at it. ;-)