check this motivational video one of my fave out of the many I have seen in recent times - we should not need to draw external motivation it should be a driving force from ourselves but if you want to embrace change in your life - set goals - that could be to lose weight, to have success in career to become a better you - to do something positive and beneficial for yourself - to improve your health mental fitness reduce or make your anxiety disappear (like I did) when you do it and do it well ... and do not kinda sorta try - you kinda sorta try you kinda sorta get results GO ALL OUT!!! If you start something finish it never quit and keep the faith that you are doing it for the important reasons - people will hate on you some people will despise your efforts and attempts friends will even discourage you or be negative and family members too - like Arnold said if he listened to the nay-sayers he would still be yodeling in the swiss alps.
If you ever want advice on losing weight or gaining mind fitness I have been there and done it all I have endured some pain - nobody is born perfect I did drugs in my teens I smoked I drank I was psycho I was controlled by fear and anxiety in fact crippled by it - and I turned it around with elements combined of fitness and strength training relaxation meditation nutrition yoga and researched books on how the mind works how to deal with worrying and anxiety - the greatest thing is that the brain and body can be re-programmed for positive change at any point in your life - all you need to do is say I CAN AND I WILL
and for the young ones on here that are at school and doing it tough - I went through hell but listen to the words of Stallone in the opening minutes of this video and the same applies for those who face mental demons on a daily basis the Stallone rhetoric applies as well - it is not about how hard you get hit but about how you keep moving forward after you get hit most importantly in life NEVER QUIT NEVER GIVE UP

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Good stuff. I hear Eric Thomas and Les Brown in this.

thankyou !!