Unemployed, The Author Trying To Turn Job-loss Tragedy Into Triumph.

"Having a doctorate doesn't mean a thing in this economy. And since I'm forcibly unemployed and have always wanted to write novels, I guess there's no time like now to do this. Through the grace of God, I have somehow managed to self-publish.

Silver: Currents of Change is my first novel. It's been described as "a riveting work of fiction." It's about a young black girl who looks very white. While growing up, she was bullied and had to find her own way to fit in. She went overboard with what finally worked for her, and as a young adult she had to make the necessary changes in her life and in her convictions, in order to move forward with her dreams. She falls in love, wouldn't you know, with someone she once would have seen as "the enemy." And while her road to happiness is strewn with obstacles, in the book, love triumphs.

I've been unemployed for two years, even facing possible foreclosure on my home. But just as the heroine of Silver danced through her pain, I learned to write through all my pain. I had to learn how to reject rejection. I've been rejected for hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs, but I keep applying anyway. When not looking for work--which is rarely--I write until my fingers bleed. And even though times are tougher than ever for me, while I was getting unemployment I saved every penny I could from my benefits. I did that so I could publish my first book. Now the book is done, the unemployment benefits are gone, and I'm on a quest to get my books and my story out there. I'm forced to use only my creativity, my elbow grease, and any 'free' marketing methods I can find. With God as the wind beneath my wings, I'm going to see where how high 'free' can take me and my books.

I'm chronicling my quest to market Silver: Currents of Change, as well as create interest in the rest of the books in my color-coded "Tales from the Quarters" series. The “Quarters,” is short for “Colored folks quarters." It’s what black neighborhoods were once called, in just about every small Southern town. I’m originally from Mississippi, and my grandmother lived in ‘the Quarters,’ in my small hometown. My first book in the series, Silver: Currents of Change is available for sale in hard cover, paper back, and e-book, through i-Universe.com, and Amazon.com. For more information, and to read my inspirational blog, visit www.beaxrivers.com.
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Jan 6, 2012