The 3 Some (mfm)

I enjoy sharing oral sex with others; thus enjoying watching and pleasuring them while also being watched and pleasured by them. I once started a group of 3 guys together who all enjoyed the same. We made up a photo resume to share with women who wanted to experience more than one man together. It was a great fun experience where we all got to watch some oral sex performed by both the guys and the woman receiving the sex. We could 2 guys doing her while ******* off or taking pics and videos or watch a guy licking her vulva while she sucked your **** off and tasted your *** or help in enjoying licking her out as he had ****** after ****** as you sucked, tongued or licked her **** and vulva as she experienced the pleasures or being watch and being loved all over by several men, which was a very pleasant experience for all the persons involved.
Some times she would be naked and have a man on each side of her stroking two men together, **** in each hand as both men sucked on her **** and kissed her all over before she went down on a man'd **** and sucked him while the other guy began licking her out as she began having a ****** as she became sopping wet as you could enjoy tasting her hot wet womanhood, making you hard as a rock before switching partners as the other guy had already *** in her mouth and you now got the pleasure of her sucking you while he watched, getting excited from seeing her get a man off, having him *** all over her ****, as the other guy stroked himself watching and taking it all in. Sometimes we would bring along a younger boy (18) just out of High school to watch the action, while ******* off, before having his first bj from an older women, which only happened when she requested wanting to watch a young boy jerk off and getting excited from watch her do 2 men together!
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Awesome. great idea