Open Free Nude Beach

As a couple we enjoy visiting an open free clothing optional beach. Once we located a place to set up next to some guys in the sand, I get totally nude while my girlfriend goes topless. I like to put the sun tan lotion on her **** while they watch and some come up close to watch and talk while they too are naked.
This allows my girlfriend to rub the lotion on my **** and balls while they watch and get semi hard, lol! Then she offers to do them in order to avoid sunburning a guys ****! after putting some on his ****, she encourages him to finish by ******* it off right in front of us and shooting his load in the sand. If we are far down the beach out of the way of the regular swimmers we nay have him join us for the day. We both end up siting on each side of her while she plays with a **** in each hand, feeling our balls and shafts that are erect to say the least! Then she watches as the other guy jerks off again for her, he being in his 20s. Later at the end of the day we might invite him to have a smack and meet us at our motel room later for some real fun in a 3some (mfm) together, where she sucks him off while I eat her out at the same time before switching partners and doing some more, like having him eat her out and **** her while she sucks me off! These escapades can last 2-3 hours as opposed to a single guy lasting 30-45 mins with a girl because the watch each other stimulates a guys back up into more performances after watching her do the other guy as well! the guy can be any age as his personality is what really counts as not being pushy and catering to the girl's desires a opposed to his own!
Barebeachbum Barebeachbum
61-65, M
Jan 17, 2013