Not Sure What Reality Is But...

I'd sure like to get away from the daily grind of activity and social performance.  Music is my greatest escape mechanism.  I can get lost in a song, especially if I'm playing it.  Reading also lets me get away from my normal everyday life and into another realm or at least a different stream of thought.

ReformedAutomaton ReformedAutomaton
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5 Responses Jul 31, 2007

I think we all have an ability too. Some people think they are not creative though. I think they aren't creative cause they think they aren't. Probably someone a long time ago told them that or made them feel that way.

I think so. I think it's a meditative state of its own. I like painting and drawing too I just don't have much skill for it. Not that it's all about skill but with guitar I can get lost in playing and singing more easily cause I can play and sing without thinking about it so much. It just flows and I can enjoy the moment rather than overthink it.

I think it is a positive way of escaping. I don't even really like to think of it as escaping so much as focusing attention on something else.

i share the same escaping ..=] i see music as some encourgement in everyday life =]

Yeah, I have to avoid the video games or I would spend my whole life escaping reality LOL