You know what happens when someone does an extreme diet, and loses a huge amount of weight in one week? The weight they lost piles right back on. Dieting raises the amount of hormones that stimulate appetite and lowers the hormones that suppress it. This makes it harder to exercise self- control and resist tempting food. Add this to the enormous amount of exercise they do every day and a certain someone I know around here's gonna be yo-yoing! I tried telling them. I'll just sit here and eat my popcorn.
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Keeping healthy (weight) is only accomplished by living healthy. Denying food only make your mind want more.
If your active you can eat. But what you eat needs to be right for your body and your lifestyle. There are lots of things in the foods that we eat that are terrible for us. Fructose corn syrup to name one. And "argh!" diet soda! Your kidding yourself and making marketers rich!