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Teasing My Neighbors

My hot wife is such a tease.
She has been soaking in our hot tub topples and butt naked at times,
We both know our neighbors get an eye full.
Ee havent heard any complaints from male or female neighbors, so we assume they are just enjoying the
she has actually gone as far as coverings her **** with her hands one time and walking over to the fence line wearing just her thong to flirt with tom our neighbor.
of course ginna his wife was gone,otherwise tom wouln't have been so
my wife and ginna are good friends but tom is a horn dog allways checking out Stacy.
so she likes to punish him every once in a while by blue balling the poor bastard.
Iv told her one day you'll have to invite him over to soak in the tub with you.;-)
But she's still warming up to it and not quite ready.......hang in there
obocanogan obocanogan 31-35, F 16 Responses Oct 25, 2012

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I might change my name to Tom, if that'll help my chances with Stacey!!!

I wish I was your neighbor

My wife loves to have sex in our gardens, which are mostly secluded, but might be seen by the 80 year old neighbors....assuming their glasses are strong enough.

Great story, would love for my wife to do that

sexy... teasing is always fun

Hahaha! I love that she is blue balling him, she should invite him over and push it further!

Good to hear from hubby!

Congrats for such a relationship. You both are lucky !!

Such beauty should be shared. lol

I think we should be friends; we're looking forward at your comments on our storie and pics!

Wow, wish you were my neighbor! Very hot!

If your neighbors are selling their house please let me know.

can i come ill jump right in with her

Nothing sexier or hotter than a tease hot wife ! poor tom ! go stacy !

Tom sounds like he is a lucky guy. You definitely are. Thanks for sharing.

great story, would love to see pics of your wife, will you add me?