Friend Saw Pics Of Wife

I had a friend came over for some work on my PC where i had nude pics of wife in a folder. I left him working for a while and moved out of the room. After he finished work, he did not admit to seeing them but meaningfully said that my PC is worth a lot....
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

I had a similar event happen. I have thousands of pics of my wife on my computer in what I thought was a password protected folder. It was giving me major problems so I took it to computer repairman, working for a major well known company, so the techs could work on it. I went to pick it up and the tech that worked on it explained to me what he did. As I took the computer from him and started to turn to leave he said as a departing comment, "You have a very lovely wife". It startled me but no sense making a big thing about it, I thought to myself. I replied "Thanks". Since I did not have any pics of her on my C Drive other than the secured folder, I knew that he accessed the folder of her that I thought was secure. About a week later I got a call from the tech asking if I could take some more pics of my wife for him. I was startled to say the least and I said "No ******* Way". He responded with "I just wanted some updated pics of her to add to the 3415 pics I have of her now". I said so you copied her folder? He said sure I am not that stupid. I asked so now what do you plan to do with them and he said "well that all depends on what you do for me". "So this is blackmail ", I said to him. No way he said but just thought since I have all of her pics you might be up for taking an order for different poses and doing different things to her and giving them to me. "I think we are going to enjoy her for many years to come" he said.

So now folks what do I do? I thought about turning him into his boss but I can't prove it.

post them here so we can all rate her