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Butt Rubbing After A Big Spanking !

When I was in Military School and had received a really big spanking, there were always some guys who would drop by the dorm room just after it was over and rub my butt. This did not only happen to me, but to everyone who got swats! I was even one of the guys who used to go take care of another guy who had just 'gotten it' hard on the butt!

Surprisingly, it was comforting to drop your pants and lie on your tummy on your bed and have some other guy gently stroke your freshly spanked bottom.

It is amazing what type of traditions are developed out of necessity when you are living in an communial environment. For a bunch of guys who were always trying to be 'he-men' around each other, this was a caring and even tender gesture of mercy! I always appreciated receiving it, especially when several guys did it because they took turns and it lasted longer, and I always enjoyed giving the comforting tretment to another guy with a freshly spanked butt who was in need of some comfort, and understanding !

Sometimes a guy was so tense and crying, that we would have him ***** naked and rub his butt very gently, and then masage his back and neck to try to get rid of the tension, fear, and shame after being spanked hard.

It worked ! It was a good thing to do for a fellow cadet ! Everyone understood and accepted this.
medicalenemaboy medicalenemaboy 61-65, M 3 Responses Jul 14, 2012

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Usually my wife and I have super sex after a caning. That's enough for me.

Ssex after being spanked is always hot!

as teens if me or far more usually my brother got spanked at our uncles flat we would have a bottom rubbing session in his bedroom and often a mutual jerk as well, helped relieve the pain and tension for sure.

Wonderful for you two! I wish I could have been there to help and participate!

you would of loved the whole show, especially where uncle got his evil wood spanker out

please tell me about it!

ok i will, i will write an account of one of uncles spankings inflicted on my brothers unwilling backside - can you recommend a good group to post it to or shall i post it here?

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I like a female to do that, but I understand that 'she' was not available in your case!

Yes, women do it tenderly, and I also like that -- but guys do it with empathy and that is comforting too.

Yes, they know the feeling!