Serenade At The Gondola


We are very fortunate to do the first serenade for a couple riding at the gondola of Fernbrook. It took them more than a year to perfect that spot below the chapel. No more muddy water but clear lake surrounded with wild flowers and plants. It is Italian-inspired and the very first here in the Philippines and expressed my admiration with Mr. Al de Vera around who happens to own the paradise, figuratively speaking.


The couple had pictorial at the sight and when they rode the gondola, a kind of Venetian boat, we serenaded them. We did

followed by

and sang the French Version of

They rode from the starting point to the edge of the lagoon and back ready for them to proceed to the reception venue where cocktail was ensued. It was an open bar and any drink you desire was there.


It was an added experience as a performer thinking that it is only done in the movies. This romantic encounter with nature is such a memory and an honor being a part of the experience. Thinking, too that the world is really a beautiful place to live with the abundance of imagined things come true and behold they are at sight for everyone with a price.

artist925 artist925
56-60, M
Feb 23, 2010