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How true the topic is, every day for me is exploring my new world as a woman. At every turn I find challenges and success stories. Life is so wonderful inside me for a change, my largest task is to bring my wife along for the ride as well. To have patience is a learning process, daily challenges to just go full time tear at my soul to just be me on the outside like I feel on the inside, despite the very huge possibility that in doing so I will loose my wife and best friend, the friendship will endure, not so sure about the marriage though. Its a daily up and down thing, honesty hurts to be exposed, and is very unforgiving. 
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I hope she stays with you, but you cant really blame her for being challenged about it<br />
How would I feel? scared

This is not about blame, nothing wrong was at the heart of this to have blame laid at its feet. This is really about how deep is your love, trust and passion for another. I have negotiated as she has to define guidelines that we both live by so that compromise so that I am not pushed to become impatient and cross the trust line. We both give up some so that both of are in agreement to what will cross her lines, and I explain where I am as well. So far it is working well yet there remains years perhaps before deciding on the lower surgery. I want it, but not at the sake of loosing her. She wants me to have it because she knows that it completes my transition of the physical side, yet can't let go of the boy toy. We both have agreed to look into toys to handle that issue, we take alternative turns choosing the next toy so that we head in a direction that is supportive and fun at the same time (Strap-on's).

it is going very well, and I love my body changes.

Very true! I wish you the best of luck in whatever happens!