I enjoy uploading as much pictures as possible to contributr. Panaromio is really awsome.

I have been ysing google earth over 5 years, and actually I spend too much time on it. And I really enjoy street view tool available on almost every western country.
Keler Keler
22-25, M
1 Response Aug 16, 2014

I have debated with myself the pros and cons of sharing images on google earth. There are some places. Especially natural places that when the world becomes aware of them, they want to go to those places. Then by going to those places they destroy them. At the same time. Documenting and bringing awareness to the world helps prevent places from being destroys. It's difficult to figure out. I always lean on the side against it. This is based off of my experience of people that exploit our natural resources and then uneducated people that just want to profit off of things. Such as poachers using technology to figure out where endangered animals are.