Wife Wears Thong To The Beach

My wife has a very firm fit body. Great perky breasts a flat stomach and long athletic legs. My favorite thing about her though is her ***. It is round and firm with mocha colored skin. I love when she wears tight jeans and I catch guys checking out her fine booty. We spend a lot of time at the beach. I love looking through my sunglasses and watching guys check out her body as they walk by. I went out and bought her a black bikini with thong style bottoms. She has 34C breasts which looked great in the top and the tiny black thong bottoms made her *** look even better. After trying it on for me I told her that I would love if she wore it at the beach. She said she would not be comfortable doing that as her *** would be showing too much and she would feel too exposed. I asked her several times and she always refused. One hot sunny day about a week ago we were drinking wine on our deck in the sunshine. She was getting a little tipsy and said she would like to go to the beach. I told her to pack a snack for us and I would get our bathing suits and towels. When I packed the beach bag I threw the black thong bikini in it with my shorts and a couple of towels. We arrived at the beach and set up our towels. She said she was going to go to the change room and put on her bikini. When she reached in the bag she realized I had packed the thong one. She laughed and looked at me in a really naughty way. She told me she couldn't believe I packed that one. " I can't wear this" she said. "It is way too tiny, my whole *** shows in it"

The beach was packed with people and I was getting more and more excited about her wearing this tiny swimsuit in front of everyone. She was still a little tipsy from the wine so I told her "C'mon you look so sexy in it, and it will be a huge turn on for me" She thought about it for a minute and smiled. "Oh alright, I will try it" she said. "But if I get uncomfortable I am putting my shorts back on" "Deal" I said grinning from ear to ear. She walked to the change room. I waited eagerly for her to walk out in the suit. She appeared in the doorway of the change room and I noticed she had wrapped her towel around her waist covering her bottom completely. Here breasts looked amazing in the small black bikini top and lots of guys were checking her out as she walked back towards me. I was kind of dissapointed though. As she got closer I made a gesture to her of removing the towel. She laughed and looked nervous. I made the gesture again more insistently. Suddenly she took the towel off and kep walking. Right away guys from all around her were checking out her fine ***. Very few girls wear thongs at this beach so that made her stand out even more. When she got back to where I was she was giggling. I told her to lay on her stomach and I would rub some suntan lotion on her. I rubbed it all over her back and legs and then I began to focus on her ***. Her *** cheeks glistened in the sun. Every guy that walked by was practically drooling as they stared at her frim brown ***.

It was a huge turn on for me. I am hoping to take her to a topless beach next and get her to show off her incredible breasts.
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Very nice. Sounds exciting

I got a hard on just reading this story and dreaming of seeing her. you have to post a photo of her *** on your page.

wowwwwwwwwwwww would love to see that .......................

Would LOVE to see it!

This is a hot story, would love to have been there to watch her. Would love to see a picture of that!