Complicated Love

complicated love... thats exactly what i have. my bf and i love each other, but the other night we were kidding around argueing and he told me he wasnt in love with me. so me someone tell me, whats the difference in loving someone and being in love with someone? b/c i really need to kno! i think im in love with him and it hurts me to hear him say that and i dont kno what to do, should i be mad or should i just let our relationship play itself out or find a way to make him fall in love with me? IDK! and if i try to make him fall in love with me how do i kno i wont be doing all the wrong things and making it worse? i moved out of my parents house to be with him so we could be with each other everyday and its been going perfectly. but will we honestly be together in 5 years? im still in high school! but i love him so much! we've been through so much. he was suppost to leave for the navy but the day he was suppost to go he stayed and told me and everyone it was b/c he wanted to be with me.  sweet huh? LIE! he failed a drug test for coke! his mom told me, wtf?!?!? i mean come on really! what do i do with this boy? and what makes it worse is that i fall in love so easily and i couldnt imagine myself with anyone else but its almost like i need someone all the time or i fall apart. but i really do love this boy and i want to spend the rest of my life with him, i want to have a family with him and im not sure he feels the same.

i kno some girls have coniving ways of making ppl fall in love with them, i admit i've done it myself to a couple , but with him i really do love him, i cant pull those tricks on him its like i almost forget how. its like he has me under a spell or something idk. please someone give me advice!

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My ex told me he wants to be just friends with me...but he wants to be involved intimately with me

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I was going to post a comment, then I re-read the story, and went to post again, then read your other stories and now I have decided I want to leave a comment. You probably don't want my advice, really, but this is what it is. Your bf failed his navy induction b/c he failed a drug test. He lied to you about that. As young as you both are, there are many changes ahead in both of your lives. NOTHING will be the same five years from now, and that is just a normal part of the aging/maturing process. I don't know what your situation was at home, but moving in with him does kind of lock you into certain situations. Either he, you or both of you may begin to feel crowded, and if you aren't communicating well, it can only be made more difficult by that fact. I hope you finish at least high school, and know that if you do develop any addictions, that will be an expense that could come to compete with food, rent or whatever. I'm not telling you what lifestyle to lead, I only want to point out that no matter whom we end up becoming, we all must be able to afford basics. Finishing school is key. So is learning how to be independent, pay your own rent and buy your own groceries. Anyone who will lie to you about important things could leave you holding a bag you might not be able to afford. It is a cold feeling to come home to find his stuff gone and a landlord's eviction notice on the front door. I guess the best I can say is, if you learn to depend on yourself and don't need him to survive and live, it will be easier for you to know if he really needs you or not. I hope this makes sense.