Growing Up...

When I was growing up I used to go to Lake Lure, NC with my family. There was a family of ducks that lived there and we would always take food to feed them.  They would play around shore as we would feed them.  As I reached my teenage years this continued to be a fascination of mine.  I would take my boyfriend there and we would take a paddle boat out on the lake watching the ducks and feeding them. I miss those days and I haven't been to Lake Lure in several years.  Maybe next time I return home that will be the second thing I do.  Those who know me best know what I do first when I return home.  Anyone want to feed ducks with me in Lake Lure, NC? 

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5 Responses Oct 13, 2008

LOL and Last of the Mohicans (spelling)..... Oh and Private Eyes, Leather Heads, and Ritchie Rich were also filmed close to there. LOL

I live a couple hours from there, right outside Charlotte. But me and my family would always drive up there and my mom had to tell us each and every time that it is the sight where they filmed Dirty Dancing lol!

It is one of my most cherished childhood memories. I am glad that you have that with your daughter. Trust me she will remember it for a lifetime.

Do you know Lake Lure Roo? cool!

I know lake lure!