Brother Had Ducks

and I helped him feed them.  He treated them like pets and he had his favorite she was called "Smiley" it looked like she always had a smile on her bill.

He was able to get quite a group together along with geese.  It worked well until hunters came along and started shooting them since they don't read the signs (NO HUNTING)

It was fun to feed them and hear their quacking going on.  Could do with out the geese though, just like a bunch of high socialists prissies.  Noisy and annoying.

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2 Responses Mar 20, 2009

Yes that is true that they become so tame when that happens.... It is very relaxing to be able to sit at the park and feed the ducks...

We used to feed the ducks when my son was little, it was so much fun, I miss it. It's amazing how tame they become at the parks because they know people are going to feed them :-)