On The Train To And At The Beach At Collioure

The journey from Villefranche to Collioure by train involves a change at Perpignan. Meeting Guilhem at Perpignan station during last summer was an adventure in itself! He had the habit of saying he'd be somewhere, then he would wait a hundred metres from where we should meet to watch me look for him, and wait for him.

Guilhem was twenty-one a week before, and I hadn't seen him since his party. My parents had that week off, and I helped them do some work in our garden. My mother loves her little flower garden, and my father wanted to protect it more from the attentions of our neighbour's young children. It was a hot day, and the train was late arriving at Villefranche (which is a terminus for the trains from Perpignan). I got on board, and took a seat, it would be a few minutes before the train pulled out again on the return to Perpignan.

Since we were going to the beach in one of my favourite places of all, Collioure, I carried only a small shoulderbag with a bottle of water, my purse, a sarong and my bikini in it. I wore a short lemon yellow cotton minidress (yes, with my blue hair!) and Greek sandals. When eventually I found Guilhem he was wearing a black polo shirt and beige cotton chinos with sandals.

The train was fairly busy, but we managed to find somewhere to sit for the journey. I sat right next to Guilhem and we looked at others, and he then put a possessive arm across my thighs. I loved to feel his touch on my skin. His hand wandered on my legs as the train headed southwards. There were guys looking at us as we awaited the time of our journey to end, and then the train pulled into Collioure.

We were soon on the beach. It wasn't that much of a walk down from the station to the seafront and the beaches. Our favourite beach was the Plage de Port d'Avail. It is often covered quickly when the sea tide comes in, but when we arrived there was some of it to sit on, but behind it there is a quai. I took out my bikini panties from my bag, and without taking off my dress I exchanged my cotton panties for them. I took off my dress, to be topless on the beach as Guilhem slipped off his chinos to sit in his Speedos.

He soon had his hands all over me, rubbing sun lotion onto my body.
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was that all?

feeling a wonderful experience

If it would be me, I wouldn't touch only your thighs on the train. How far would you let me go if I would start also touching your ****, especially if the other people would notice that? ;)

Nice story, needs a continuance. Will you add me plz?

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