Man!.. I Feel Like A Woman!

It's the independence of choosing to enjoy being a woman - a woman that's feminine enough to make you feel a complete masculine.

It's the uniqueness of being typically feminine, a female who has her own style, dancing to her own rhythm, whispering with the voice of her feelings, leading you to take the leadership to please the woman inside her.

It's the strength of being weak to her love, the warmth that melts your ice, the tenderness that comes from your embrace, the power of her smile when you make her feel beautiful.

It's the magnetism of her presence that makes her own the room, her charismatic personality that drawing you into her web, her dynamic style that expresses the female form of her body.

It's the language of her eyes when she talks to you about what she feels, needs, wants. The language of her body when she makes smooth movements that shows her grace and elegance. The language of her touch when she lets you know how much she adores you and desires you - and sometimes, if she chooses… you can’t read her at all!

It's the assertiveness of protecting her pride, it's her classy manners that earns her respect.

It's the confidence of being comfortable and loving herself from inside out, it's the intelligence that makes her knowing her own value.. and seeing if you worth her heart beats.

It's the playfulness of her sense of humor, smiles and laughter, it's the innocence of the little girl when you spoil her, it's the blush on her cheeks when you show how much you admire her.

It's the feeling of being whole, sexy, hot... and all woman!
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4 Responses Jan 26, 2012

A wonderful essay that articulates so many of the facets of being a woman.

Thanks! - being a woman and feeling it is a bless :)

very well thought out and well spoken. 4 all women...THANK U!

Thanks! - I'm glad you've enjoyed it.

Lovely....sometimes envy that men can't feel all that ;)

Yes, it's wonderful to be a woman :)

did you read my stories? would be happy if you read and drop some comments

I saw your avatar to the right of my screen and loved it. Great photography and very well written article. I love the Shania Twain song too.

Thank you!