Coming Into The Zone

There are times, more and more frequent, in which I seem suddenly to enter into my feminine self. It is as if I have shifted to an alternative dimension. It is not only that I have a different experience of my body (I am somewhat taller and my breasts larger, my hair longer), but I feel an intense happiness, a luminosity, a radiant energy. Falling into place. Like a brook running freely. Amazing and it makes my day worthwhile... 
Cigysub Cigysub
56-60, M
5 Responses Jul 25, 2010

Good popping, creative and insightful. I wish this SHR or SPF were more reliably "on demand." This discovery of the self seems to happen on its own. Perhaps it is the chicken trying to get out of the egg... on her own time.

SHR, it's just seems to be what it needed to be called, just popped into my head.

Simply....Discovering ones self !!

Is SHR a concept you invented (it sounds good), or one can read more about it?

Spontaneous Human Realization (SHR).