Still Finding My Way....

I don't know what it is.

The first time I put on a pair of panties, it was to satisfy a curiosity for my lady & I. Turned out, she liked how I looked and I loved her reaction. I kinda thought I looked hot too.

I started buying my own panties and would occasionally surprise her at night while undressing for bed, to see the look on her face when she would see what I had been wearing all day.

Let's combine that with the quest I've been on for over a year now of growing my own breasts. I've gone from a AA to a 42A, approaching a B cup. This has brought about acknowledging a future need to wear a bra. So we bought some bras. Some for now, and a few for me to grow into, so we would know when I should stop taking the products I've been taking.

This begins my dilemma. I'm actually a happier person, calmer, and in a much better mood when I am wearing one of these bra's. I work nights and my lady works days and I find myself now waking each morning, wanting to slip on one of my bali bras, a pair of panties, a pair of shorts or one of my lady's skirts and one of her v-neck tops to lounge around in before its time for me to start getting ready for work. A few times recently, I've found myself keeping the bra on under my clothes for work.

Something that I just 2 years ago, I never thought I would say, but I much prefer feeling feminine than masculine. It's just more comfortable for me now. My lady doesn't mind it at all, so that's a plus. We even have some fully-dressed playtime on occasional weekends now. My ******* have even changed to the point of where they are more internal, exploding outward from deep within my being, rather than being focused solely in my genitals.

I am finding a middle ground so that I can co-exist in both worlds. As long as my breasts continue to grow, I am assuring myself of more time spent wearing a bra. I have developed a new found respect and admiration for what women have gone through in the way of makeup and clothing and while there are times I want to just dive in head first to be like them, I know that this journey can only continue one step at a time.

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4 Responses Dec 6, 2012

thank you i did add you and best wishes

Fabulous sweetie

would love to see what your 42a look like sometime

you have a wonderful lady and i was just wondering how the breast are coming along and i love that color of blue

Just hearing your progress reports and your personal excitement makes me feel so good about our movement toward the feminine.