This emotion, experience, inner-stimulation is incredible- it invigorates, it motivates, it compells! When I am listening to a phenomenal trance hit; ATB, Above & Beyond, C-Systems, Akesson; or Coldplay. The 'feeling' is a high; as if electricity is truly generating my body and mind and it feels superlative!


Love; holding someone, and fully embracing them-psycholgically, emotionally and physically: taking in every vital aspect of the connection. Intensity, authenticity, vigor. Looking someone in their eyes and and acknowledging something, anything, something riveting...inner-connected.

Intellectual stimulation; passion, interests, immersion, knowledge, desire for more knowledge...

Exercise; Running, the high when in motion, when the gait is steady and consistent and the weather is just right. When the wind is sweeping you just right....a runners high....

Personal inner-high; confidence, esteem, mental and emotional strength, the objective of ambition- GO, DO, TAKE IT-



Ameliorate Ameliorate
26-30, M
Feb 22, 2010