Slave to My Wife, How It Came to Be.

I didn't want to really be a slave at first. I thought as a fantasy it was cool,and when the evening was over I would simply return to the "vanilla" lifestyle until I felt kinky again. That is until my wife discovered the CB 6000 chastity device for males. The concept of tease and denial has always been one of my favorite adventures.  The feeling of helplessness you get while tied and being teased is as amazing as the ****** you achieve when your partner brings you over the edge, IF they allow it. I thought it would be pretty neat to have my wife in total control of my sex and *******,and to date it has been awesome. How do you become a slave wearing a chastity device? Simple. You do what your Wife tells you or you do not get out of the device! If you do not please your "Keyholder" (in this instance my wife),life becomes VERY miserable very quick. No whips,chains or other items are needed other than the chastity device as you will see.

Once I was locked in the device my Wife took the only key that would open the lock and put it  on a gold chain which she wears around her neck. I was off the next day and prior to leeaving for work she presented me with a "to do" list of various items such as doing the dishes,going to the store and cleaning up the house. we had agreed that my release day would be on Saturdays; failure to complete any daily task would add a day or days to my release schedule. That night upon returning home I greeted her at the door with a hug and kiss and asked how her day had gone. She said she was tired and as she sat down ordered me to kneel before her chair,remove her shoes and massage her feet. Obviously I complied and as I was giving her the massage she told me how nice the house looked and that I was certainly on the right track for Saturday night. This spurred me to greater effort and after 45 minutes she said it was time to make dinner. After eating we watched T.V. and when it came time for us to go to bed she had me undress myself (naked) and then asked me to return the favor for her. As I was undressing her I started to become aroused which was a big mistake. The cage of the device makes it impossible to become erect and when you try it becomes extremely uncomfortable,believe me. She watched with amusement as my **** strained to erect but remained a prisoner in it's plastic cage. Now she decided it was time for a full body massage with warm oil and this I had to do while straddling her naked body which made my situation even worse. She pointed out I would have to concentrate on her needs,and not my own if I didn't want to feel uncomfortable. Easier said than done! After an hour she had enough and informed me she was going to sleep,and I should get some rest too as she had a big day planned for me. My excited state kept me from sleeping for around two hours,and when sleep came I tossed and turned throughout the night.

Sure enough the next day brought on more tasks to be completed and after I had finished I sat down and had a beer and watched some hockey. When my wife got home she said she wanted to watch "Sienfeld" (a show I can't stand) so I changed the channel and as the day before knelt and massaged her feet. We ate dinner and as we were watching T.V. she told me to come over and kneel at her feet again,and I thought she wanted another foot massage. Oh,was I wrong! She told me that while she was at work she had thought about the previous day's events and it had really excited her that she could have me in such an attentive willing to please state. In fact,she continued ,the more she thought about her newly discovered power ,the hornier she got.She scooched up her bottom and asked me to raise her skirt and remove her panties if I would. I didn't have much of a choice if I was going to keep the Satuday relief schedule and did so. I was then told to "Use my imagination,and take my time doing so." I could feel an erection coming on and was soon straining against the cage and extremely uncomfortable. My Wife told me how good it felt to have my hands massaging her sex and said that while she was enjoying herself I would not be having the same luck,but Saturday was only three days away. Three Days! I was going to go nuts! She leaned back and enjoyed my attentive hands and fingers for a few minutes and then asked if I thought I could be even more creative,and I slowly began kissing and licking my way up her thighs toward her very wet *****. It didn't take her long to achieve a POWERFUL ****** and she shuddered with delight.Several minutes transpired while she basked in the glow of her post orgasmic delight and then suggested we go to bed. I was once again instructed to get naked ,and upon doing so was told to remove the rest of her clothes and give her another full body massage,which I did. By now my **** was downright sore from the attention I had given her earlier, and the massage only served to make matters unbearable. My Wife explained how nice it was that she could receive pleasure from me and not have to worry about returning the favor.Oh , if I continued on the way things were going I would be rewarded indeed on Saturday night. I had doubts that I was going to make it. The next two nights consisted of more foot and body massages,but we abstained from anything heavier than that (aside from the massaging of her breasts during the body massage).

Saturday morning arrived and I knew I didn't have much longer to wait(thank god). My wife wanted to go shopping,and hinted that I might want to go along. Following her around clothing stores has never been a favorite of mine but I eagerly accepted and off we went. After some power shopping we decided to have lunch at a popular restaurant downtown known for it's scantilly dressed waitresses with large breasts(yes , it begins with an H). As we were eating my Wife began making comments as to how this girl or that had a cute figure or sexy hair etc. . She asked me if I thought the girls looked sexy and if I found them attractive to which I replied yes I thought a few of them were cute but I only had eyes for her. This pleased my Wife to no end and she told me so ,adding that it made her feel good knowing that even if I did show interest in one of them I couldn't do anything about it anyway! Oh how true that was. While we were finishing lunch she began toying with the key that hung between her cleavage and eyed my reaction,which must have seemed like I was in a  hypnotic state, my eyes fixed on it and my mind thinking ahead to the evening which once again produced an uncomfortable situation. The last store my wife went into was Victoria's Secret. After several minutes of looking at lingerie and asking my opinion on various items a saleslady came over and began chatting with my wife. They discussed different styles and designers while I stood by bored out of my skull and wanting to get home for the evening. The saleslady commented on my Wife's necklace and how unique she thought it was. I turned as red as a tomato and became very uncomfortable being there,even though I knew there was no possible way she would know it's ultimate purpose. My Wife noticed my discomfort and replied that I had given it to her and she called it "the key to my heart". The sales lady thought that was so sweet and she was lucky to have a guy that nice, to which my wife repiled she was indeed lucky to have such a charming and attentive husband. I wanted to die!

When we got home my wife could sense my urgency and she moved into low gear just to impress upon me that SHE was in charge and things would progress at her pace and not mine. I performed my now nightly foot massage on her and she said she was ready to go to the bedroom for her body massage. I was going nuts again and my **** was killing me! As I massaged her she began telling me how i was really getting good at improving my massage technique and how relaxed it made her feel. When she rolled over for me to begin on her front side she asked that I pay particular attention to her breasts especially her nipples,which quickly responded to my oiled fingers. After what seemed like hours she directed me to massage her ***** which I discovered was soaking wet and extremely sensitive. Earlier she had laid out on the nightstand her favorite ***** so I grabbed it and began to tease the outside of her lips with it . Gradually I began to insert it in a slow,methodic pace until it began to disappear into her. She began moaning and responded by pushing against it in response to my probing. As her pushing became more frantic I re-adjusted my position and lowered my face into position above her sex and began tounging her **** in a slow,deliberate circle. She responded by humping the ***** harder and started begging me to stop teasing her and to bring her off, so I began flicking my tounge faster and faster over her excited ****. The end result was a monster ****** and after she came she shoved my head away from her **** and begged me to stop. for 20 minutes after her ****** she laid there regaining her composure and strength,basking in what she described one of the best ******* she had ever experienced. Now, she said it was my turn to be rewarded for my excellent behavior the previous week.

She instructed me to stand beside the bed and to place my hands behind my back,which I quickly did. She then produced a pair of handcuffs to which she clasped on my wrists rendering me quite helpless. She then had me lie on the bed and she strattled my legs reaching for the key around her neck. The handcuffs she explained were to keep me under control and her in charge of "her ****". She went on to explain that she had read up on this technique while cruising through several websites devoted to chastity play,and that it was not acceptable for me to touch or control "Her ****", which from now on was to be totaly under her control! She unlocked and removed my cage and my ****,now free responded at once standing at attention and throbbing with anticipation."I bet you would like a nice blow job wouldn't you"? she taunted. "Yes...please yes" I stammered. "Well THAT'S not going to happen"! ,she countered as she began to slowly rub my ****. Slowly she stroked and teased my **** until I began humping her hand trying to get off. She stopped and removed her hand saying that I was acting like an animal and should learn to control myself.Again she began teasing my ****,sliding up the shaft and rubbing the underside of my sensitive head.It was driving me out of my mind,and I was becomming desperate to come. Look at what a mess you are making she said as she noticed the now steady flow of pre-*** oozing out of my ****. She took her finger and wiped the pre-*** off of my **** and put her finger to my mouth. Go ahead baby,taste yourself for me show me how much you like the taste of my ****. I eagerly complied sucking her fingers like a mad man. My my aren't we excited she asked as she began to stroke faster. I was in another world at that point and if she had asked me to jump off a cliff I would have! As she continued to ********** me she told me how much she loved our new relationship,the sex we were having and how the control she was experiencing really turned her on. She asked me how I enjoyed being at her mercy when it came to sex,and if I enjoyed being her "Slave" to which I mumbled yes,yes I loved being her slave. She stroked even faster and told me to show her how much I really enjoyed life as her slave to which I responded by having the most intense climax of my life ,spewing gobs of *** into her waiting hand. She commented that she had never seen me *** like that in all our years together and that I must truely enjoy being her slave husband to which I cried out YESSSSS! When I calmed down she said we hadn't quite finished yet,and that all the websites said that a slave should be made to eat his own ***,as it was a show of total submission to his mistress, She asked if I would submit to this and while I was a little grossed out I nodded and she held her hand out as I licked it clean. she then washed me off and attached the chastity device smiling as she clicked the lock shut and placing the key and necklace back around her neck.

So I find myself not in a fantasy,but a lifestyle. a lifestyle where my wife's needs and desires come first,and my needs come second. Sometimes when she desires intercourse she will cuff me and ride my hardon untill I climax inside her (usually doesn't take too long)! Other times she masturbates me to ******. I always bring her off first no matter which way she desires to do me because her pleasure always comes first. After intercourse she straddles my face so I can clean her up, and she usually experinces another ****** while I do this. Lately she has said that she might find it exciting to release one of my hands and have me ********** myself for her, and of course clean my hand upon completion.

Becoming a chaste male has enriched our relationship and I find myself thinking of my Wife,and only my Wife all day long. I love her more than ever ,and she has told me this is beyond a doubt the happiest she has ever been in our marriage. Her friends marvel at how attentive I've become and ask her why the sudden change has occured. I don't suspect she has told her friends about our situation but I have no doubt that were they to discover the lifestyle they (and their hubbys) would find it equally as satisfying as we do.  Give it a shot folks,you won't regret it!


















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my wife has me in cb3000 panties full time
sex was never that great and after our daughters was born sex got less less till none
she got the cb lock it on key around her neck and permant chastity for me
uot for cleaning shaving but that was it