For Under Eighty Days I Will Still Be A Teenager

Yes, I am, still a teenager, but I am one who enjoys her identity, her sexual identity. I read somewhere that essentially women are flowers who must do all they need to to enable selection by the suitable man to then become impregnated and a mother, and be transformed in life. It is a thought-provoking idea.

I have nice legs (I've been told) so I show them off! I have been told I have nice eyes, and a good shape, I'm not overweight or otherwise unattractive. I like to wear short skirts, and dresses, more than I do tight jeans and leggings, perhaps. I wear sheer fabrics which are particularly feminine, and I like to see the reactions men show when they see me.

There is talk that men are preferring women to be more groomed, so I have taken to trimming my pubis, to what some call a 'landing-*****' above my pubic bone, so that my coiffure there is more revealing of my vulva than being just 'natural' there, and hairy. Add to this, the feelings I have when I wear very brief g-strings or thongs, or when I don't wear lingerie, even beneath very short skirts, and I love the feeling I get, the feeling of being sexy.

I am not saying a woman can only feel sexy if she displays herself like some kind of bright peacock (yes, pea hens are not so bright in feather), but I do. I like these feelings I get, and obviously, I am honest about my being identified as a sexual 'target'.

I feel certain I will feel this is something I can carry over into being a twenty-something in age terms.
Anuledroan Anuledroan
18-21, F
Jan 13, 2013