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this past weekend i went out with friends to the bar (which my friends can read ALL about in my blog lol).  i had just gotten my hair cut earlier in the day and was feeling awesome :)  so naturally, all this confidence and charm was just oozing all over the place that night lol  i had several people express their wants and desires to me and my @ss was grabbed too many times to count  lol  it's definitely nice to be was a MUCH needed ego boost for sure :)
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same here, about the @$$ thing, oh and the rest... but mostly the @$$.

i d give u a eggo bost:)

Last year I was in my cut offs buying some blueberries, when this really pretty lady, with long golden (real blonde) hair pulled along side me and start to look at the fruit next to me, then suddenly she just grabbed my @ss! I was already about to introduce myself when she did that. She backed away laughing and giggling and said, "I have always want to grab a guy's @ss that really made me smile!" I said, "I had no idea I had that kind of charm back there!" Her friend, who was not quite as pretty, but certainly pretty enough for my taste, walked over to me and said, "Oh yes, I think there is a lot of charm in this.." and she squeezed it too!! Ok, so I am a reasonably confident guy, but that just made my day! As you can tell, I am still telling that funny story! <br />
Yet so many times I have seen women with great legs that I just wanted to rest a hand on but have never been so bold. I guess they would not feel thrilled about it huh?

i am :) just being careful not to enjoy things TOO much lol