Fight With Friends For Fun

I'm interested to hear whether anybody else does this, fight with friends just for the fun of it.

I will fight with my friends and set up a few ground rules, no intentional temple shots, no crotch shots. Then with those who are willing I usually try and get them to agree to fighting upright, rather than getting the other to the ground and beating them there too, let them get back up sorta thing. Which rules out kicks to the face which that sort of thing is just expected to not be done in the first place.. but also rules out grappling, a perfectly legitimate way of fighting, which I just suck at. Since I suck at grappling I try to get my friends who don't focus on that type of fighting, to agree to fighting upright only. Which leads to use of punches, kicks, and throws only, although there are a few people who have managed to use holds upright.

Who else fights with friends for fun?!
Sagenth Sagenth 22-25, M 3 Responses Jan 24, 2008

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Sounds like a good time, and a great way to wake up!

Yep all the time. Me and my friends used to go around in the morning waking each other up, the last one to wake up would get dog piled and an all out brawl would ensue. We had a few basic rules too no intentional nose shots, no crushing blows to certain pressure points, and just have fun.

yea - i did this growing up too....