Hotels, Road Trips, And A Friendly Employee.

As the dream opened, I was on a road trip with my family. My dad was driving, my mom was in the passenger seat, and my siblings were unusually quiet as they stared out their windows. We were driving through the mountains from barely being picked up somewhere. I honestly don't know where we were going, but the forest was full of spruces and I found it pretty enough to just stare and not ask questions. We drove through a village-y hamlet looking town when my siblings and I started asking questions. Apparently, we there was a hotel in the middle of it that we were going to stay at to meet up with my aunt and her family.

We soon found ourselves at a very homey kind of hotel, where nature/gardens was pretty dominate. We checked in and my parents unpacked(since they picked my siblings and me up from school and didn't let us/think to pack things for us, so it was just the clothes we were wearing and a toothbrush they brought for us.) We met up with my aunt and her family and went out for a drive. Later, I was hanging around the gift shop in the hotel, where an arcade was as well as a large game in which you needed an employee to operate.

A couple of teenage boys wanted to play and told an employee (who was also a teenage boy). The employee was quite a bit taller than me(maybe six feet tall, give or take a few inches), had blonde hair and brown eyes. I leaned on the rail around it and watched. Th employee smiled and asked me if I needed help or something and we began talking, perhaps even flirting. He told me that I looked cute in the blue shirt and faded patterned skirt I was wearing and recognizing that I was, in fact, a teenager. (Which doesn't happen often in real life)Soon, his manager told him to go do something outside and we promised to meet up again the next day. We obviously had an interest in each other and he told me his name, but I don't recall it. I knew I would have to leave the next day, but I reasoned that I'd see him before we left.

The next morning, we went swimming before leaving and I couldn't find my friend, which left me disappointed as my family left. We drove for a while longer and found a large, fancy hotel. It, unfortunately, was terrible in quality and service, with the sheets of the bed crusty, the rooms messy and the downstairs lobby was smoky and disgusting.

Needless to say, we left the next day to return to the other hotel. I, again, couldn't find my friend, but met another employee who could have helped me or been him. I woke up before I could find him..
PorcelainMaiden PorcelainMaiden
18-21, F
Sep 22, 2012